Segmenting Properties and Building Comp Sets

In the hotel industry, revenue managers segment properties based on ratings, room attributes, and hotel amenities. However, the vacation rental industry is more complex, as each property has its own configuration, location, quality, and amenities. In this session, we will discuss the “why” behind property segmentation for pricing, how to use data to build qualified competitive sets, and how to avoid pitfalls. This class will be directly followed by how to use demand data and property data to fine-tune comp sets.

About Adrienne Davey

Adrienne is VP of Product at AirDNA, managing all product, design, and data science functions. Currently based in Denver, Colorado, Adrienne ensures that AirDNA products provide both cutting edge feature functionality and the best data accuracy in the industry. Prior to AirDNA, Adrienne worked in product development for data products in the AdTech Industry.  She has worked with some of the most notable consumer platforms & brands (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, FritoLay, Procter & Gamble) on big data research initiatives and products.


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