Welcome to the inaugural Vacation Rental Data and Revenue Management Conference

August 6-7, 2019, Atlanta Airport Marriott

The inaugural Vacation Rental Data and Revenue Management Conference, presented by VRM Intel, is coming to the Atlanta Airport Marriott, August 6-7, 2019.

With the creation of comparative data and pricing tools, the science of revenue management for the vacation rental industry is evolving and has become the hot button topic for VRMs in 2019.

At this conference, we are looking to help VRMs understand the fundamentals of revenue management, examine the tools that are available to them and how to use them, and provide hands-on education in data and revenue management.

This Data and Revenue Management Conference is a training conference of 12 classes with the following objectives:

  1. Bring together VRMs who are looking to understand and implement data-oriented revenue management.
  2. Provide a foundation for industry understanding of market data analytics and the role that revenue management plays in profitability and asset management.
  3. Discuss fundamentals, key glossary terms, metrics, and KPIs.
  4. Identify and articulate revenue management strategies.
  5. Examine existing data tools, pricing tools, and how they work with PMSs.
  6. Compare and contrast hotel and VR revenue management.
  7. Demonstrate how to implement pricing strategies — internally and across channels.
  8. Take a first step toward helping VRMs identify best practices and professionalizing understanding of the value of comparative data and revenue management strategies.