Utilizing Property Data in Dynamic Pricing Decisions

Besides comparative and demand data, the vacation rental industry is unique in that individual property data figures into the pricing equation. In this class, led by Jeremy Gall, Lino Maldonado, and Sean Miller and moderated by Amy Hinote, we will look at how technology platforms give PMs further insight into individual properties’ quality score and how this data figures into pricing decisions.

About Jeremiah Gall

Jeremiah Gall is a serial entrepreneur with a history of delivering great products to vacation rental managers over the past thirteen years. In 2006, Jeremy founded FlipKey.com, and grew the guest-review platform into one of the world’s largest vacation rental businesses before TripAdvisor's acquisition in 2013. Jeremy is currently the Founder & CEO of Breezeway, a property operations & messaging platform that helps property managers automate their operations and service interactions. Jeremy has shared in-depth analysis of the vacation rental market on national travel shows and publications, and is a regular presenter at VRMA conferences, MIT, and Boston College.


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    Utilizing Property Data in Dynamic Pricing Decisions – Data


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