Steve Trover

Better Talent by Laveer and Co.


After thirty years of forming and growing many different businesses, I have now come to the conclusion that my successes and failures hinged on the same thing.

Identifying, hiring and engaging people.

When they were the right people in the right roles, fully engaged, we were extremely successful. When they were not, no strategic plan or amazing vision mattered. We simply could not execute to the level required.

Laveer & Company was formed in early 2017 to help companies identify, hire and engage the right people for the right seats. We assist in increasing applicant flow for open positions. We recruit for hard to find roles. We offer behavioral profiling and cognitive testing as certified partners with the Predictive Index.

The best teams win.

If you are looking to grow your team,
I would invite you to reach out so we can learn how we can help you identify, hire and inspire the best.

If you are an individual in the vacation rental (VR) space considering a move, please let us know. We have many great clients looking for experienced VR professionals.