Data-Driven Property Managers: How to Grow VRM Profitability with Financial Data You Already Own

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Session Description:

As the number of short-term rental properties you manage increases, so does the complexity and volume of your accounting processes. For each bill, invoice, withdrawal, deposit, and every transaction in between, financial data is involved, and your PMS may not capture all the information that is important to your business. Searching it out after the fact is painstaking and time-consuming, so this leads to full reconciliations only being done periodically, leaving rental property managers blind to their real cash position for most of the year. Luckily, the vacation rental landscape is evolving too, and more managers are leveraging the power of automation to simplify accounting processes, so they can focus on building the bottom line. We will break down how property managers can make accounting workflows more efficient and use real-time insights to improve their companies’ financial positions.

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