A Data Driven Future: How new & actionable data sets will influence your success in 2024 with Ashley Kraft and Ryan Saylor

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Session Description:

The year 2023 has started to show us a shift back toward the seasonality trends the industry was accustomed to pre-COVID-19. However, booking windows, check-in days, and more are now skewing outside of normal trends. How are you going to map out a revenue strategy when you don’t know what to expect in 2024? In this session, attendees will learn the following:
○ How booking and revenue trends across the globe shifted in 2023, and what that means for 2024.
○ Tips and tricks from PMs that fared best in this unpredictable year, with data-driven revenue management strategies.
○ Best practices for using the right datasets and tech automations to ensure your revenue management strategy stays nimble in 2024.