The Truth about Scale: An In-Depth Look at Which Components of a STR Business Benefit from Scale

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Session Description:

With over 3,000 properties under management and 25 office locations between the US and Mexico, Casago continues to develop the best practices, strategies, and tricks to successfully scale its operations. During this session, Casago CEO Steve Schwab will share strategies, worksheets, and best practices it utilizes to empower its local operating businesses to thrive in even the most competitive markets in the world. The vacation rental marketplace has changed from a cottage industry 10 years ago to a Wall Street darling. Managers across the country are now faced with the reality of competing with well-funded and, in some cases, even publicly traded national organizations. What can we learn from these scaled business models, and how can we implement them into our local businesses to help increase efficiency, de-risk our business, reduce overhead, accelerate growth, and increase profit?