Leslie Becker

Smith Mountain Lake Properties

Broker / Realtor

Leslie’s position as one of the top-producing brokers and realtors in the Smith Mountain Lake region began with a degree in architecture, graduating in 1980 as one of only seven women in the country to do so.
As an architect for over 30 years, Leslie worked across the country in Florida, Missouri, New York and even Milano, Italy before finding herself in the world of property management. Beginning with her own home almost twenty years ago, Leslie has worked with a wide variety of clients, ranging from top CEO’s to very private individuals.
Leslie’s proven performance speaks volumes as to how she can help accomplish goals in investment real estate with her property management company, where her owners produce anywhere from $24,000-$100,000 gross per year.
Through her successful business in Smith Mountain Lake, Leslie prioritizes putting the environment first and sharing that with her guests and clients. Living off of solar energy herself for over twenty years in Virginia, she is passionate about incorporating solar and wind into homes, giving back to the environment in the way she knows best.

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