2021 Data & Revenue Management Conference

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Tuesday, September 15: Successful Revenue Management Requires Understanding of Internal and Comparative Data

Time Presenters Description
10:00 AM ET

7:00 AM PT

Scott Shatford, AirDNA

Jason Sprenkle, Key Data

Patrick Mayock, STR

Moderated by Amy Hinote

2020 Vacation Rental Performance (Part 1)

The DARM conference kicks off by jumping head-first into year-to-date (YTD) 2020 performance. AirDNA CEO Scott Shatford, Key Data CEO Jason Sprenkle, and STR CSO Elizabeth Winkle will examine hotel, OTA, and VRM performance data and booking trends, along with projections for the remainder of the year. This session will look at North America (with an eastern focus), the UK, and Europe. Due to time zones, the second part of this session will be held at 6:00 pm ET, focusing on western North American markets (incl. Hawaii), along with Australia and New Zealand.

11:15 AM ET

8:15 AM PT

Cliff Johnson, Rented.com

Breffni Noone, Penn State University

RevPAR Debate:

Julie Brinkman, Beyond Pricing

Jordan Locke, RevPARTY

Melanie Brown, Key Data

Anurag Verma, PriceLabs

Heather Richer, Richer Logic

Steve Milo, Vtrips

Terminology and KPIs (+ Panel Discussion on RevPAR)

Successful revenue management not only requires access to comparative data, it also requires a comprehensive understanding of the data, including definitions, equations, and why they matter. Rented COO Cliff Johnson and Penn State's Revenue Management professor Breffni Noone will take us through the terminology and KPI equations used by revenue managers to craft, implement, and evaluate effective pricing strategies.

RevPAR DEBATE: One of these important metrics in revenue management is RevPAR (revenue per available room), and vacation rental industry platforms have multiple ways of measuring RevPAR. Breffni Noone will talk about why this metric is important, and then industry leaders will discuss the current iterations. Be a part of history, as we will be “flies on the wall” watching as the vacation rental industry gets on the same page about RevPAR.

12:30 PM ET

9:30 AM PT

Graham Blankenbaker, Beyond Pricing

Tyler Ashby, Key Data

Anurag Verma, PriceLabs

Will Sanford, STR

Desiree Garcia & Maureen Shilling, Streamline

Judges: Sarah Bradford, Winter Park Lodging and Steamboat Lodging; Tim Cafferty, Outer Beaches Blue and Sandbridge Blue; Mike Harrington, Carolina Retreats

Data Tool Demoground *Open Session

Back by popular demand, in a Phocuswright-battleground-style format, the vacation rental industry’s data tool providers will provide demonstrations of their platforms; and a panel of three PM “judges” will be on hand to question these providers.

2:00 PM ET

11:00 AM PT

Adrienne Davey, AirDNA

Lyse Perrigo, STR Global

Tim Speicher, Buoy

Breffni Noone, Penn State University

Moderated by Sarah Franzen, Natural Retreats

Segmenting Properties and Building Comp Sets

In the hotel industry, revenue managers segment properties based on ratings, room attributes, and hotel amenities. However, the vacation rental industry is more complex, as each property has its own configuration, location, quality, and amenities. In this session, we will discuss the “why” behind property segmentation for pricing, how to use data to build qualified competitive sets, and how to avoid pitfalls. This class will be directly followed by how to use demand data and property data to finetune comp sets.

3:00 PM ET

12:00 PM PT


Justin Jones, IMEG

Jack Newkirk, Navis

Internal Demand Data: Using Website and Call Center Data in Revenue Management Strategy

Two of the vacation rental industry’s top experts will discuss the demand data available to VRMs through their websites and call centers. Jack Newkirk & Justin Jones will lead this presentation of internal demand data, what metrics from websites and call center activity contribute to pricing decisions, and how to track and measure these key performance indicators (KPIs).

4:00 PM ET

1:00 PM PT

Jeremy Gall, Breezeway

Lino Maldonado, BeHome 24/7

Sean Miller, PointCentral

Ian Ackland, Booking.com

Utilizing Property Data in Dynamic Pricing Decisions

Besides comparative and demand data, the vacation rental industry is unique in that individual property data figures into the pricing equation. In this class, led by Jeremy Gall, Lino Maldonado, and Sean Miller and moderated by Amy Hinote, we will look at how technology platforms give PMs further insight into individual properties’ quality score and how this data figures into pricing decisions.

5:00 PM ET

2:00 PM PT

Ralf Garrison, Brian London, and Jane Babilon, Insights Collective

Laird Sager, Red Sky

Winter 2020/2021 Outlook in a Pandemic Economy

Ralf Garrison, founder and former CEO of Mountain Travel Symposium and Destimetrics, and friend of the VRM Intel family (last seen on stage in the opening keynote for 2019’s DARM conference), will provide a leisure travel vacation market update and a look at the upcoming 2020/2021 Winter resort season using data from Insights Collective, a pandemic economy resource center and think tank.

Laird Sager, CEO at Red Sky and Insights Collective benefactor, will facilitate this discussion’s Q&A with Garrison.

6:00 PM ET

3:00 PM PT

Scott Shatford, AirDNA

Jason Sprenkle, Key Data

Patrick Mayock, STR

Moderated by Amy Hinote

2020 Vacation Rental Performance (Part 2)

In the second part of the 10:00 AM 2020 Performance session, AirDNA CEO Scott Shatford and Key Data CEO Jason Sprenkle, and STR Global's Lyse Perrigo will examine both hotel, OTA, and PM performance data and booking trends, along with projections for the remainder of the year. This session will look at western North America (incl. HI), Australia, and New Zealand.

Wednesday, September 16: Revenue Management and Pricing Strategies

Time Presenters Description
10:00 AM ET

7:00 AM PT

Dr. Kelly McGuire, ZS

Heather Richer, Richer Logic

What the bleep is Revenue Management?

Author and analytics evangelist, Dr. Kelly McGuire will provide us with a unique understanding of revenue management as a discipline and sector of the business. McGuire is an author and analytics evangelist and served as senior vice president, revenue management, distribution, and direct marketing for MGM Resorts International; as vice president, advanced analytics at Wyndham Destination Networks; and as executive director, hospitality and travel global practice at SAS, the world’s largest privately held software company. She also wrote two books on analytics in hospitality, Hotel Pricing in a Social World, and The Analytic Hospitality Executive.

McQuire will define and explain the discipline of revenue management and what it encompasses. Heather Richer will join McGuire for Q&A to dive deeper into how revenue management practices are adapting and evolving in the short-term rental sector.

11:00 AM ET

8:00 AM PT

Ryan Saylor, Beyond Pricing

Cara Goodrich, Castle Hotels and Resorts

Dr. Kelly McGuire, ZS

Heather Richer, Richer Logic

Hotel Strategies vs Vacation Rental Strategies

Let’s look at the similarities and the differences between revenue management for hotels and vacation rentals. Ryan Saylor will start off this session comparing and contrasting will be joined by Cara Goodrich and Heather Richer to take a deeper dive into translating strategies from hotel revenue management to vacation rental revenue management.

12:00 PM ET

9:00 AM PT

Simon Lehmann, AJL Consulting

Andrew McConnell, Rented

Natalia Sutin, Vacasa

Moderated by Jim Olin, C2G Advisors, LLC

How Low Can You Go in VR? Understanding Profitability

Pricing strategies must be determined in a way that ensures profitability. But how low can you go? AJL’s Simon Lehmann, Rented’s Andrew McConnell, Vacasa’s Natalia Sutin, and C2G Advisors’ Jim Olin will discuss the factors used to determine how low pricing can go before it is no longer advantageous.

1:30 PM ET

10:30 AM PT

Josh Marquis, Great Western and Retreatia

Max Schuster, Stay Marquis

Anurag Verma, PriceLabs

Moderated by Sarah Franzen, Natural Retreats

Proven Vacation Rental Pricing Strategies

Are there “proven” vacation rental pricing strategies? The industry is in early innings in establishing tried-and-true pricing strategies. In many cases, we are just now getting access to the right data to make these decisions. However, some strategies have emerged and been tested for effectiveness. In this session, we’ll identify these and discuss how they are working across destinations and property types.

2:45 PM ET

11:45 PM PT

Mike Bohmer,  TurnKey Vacation Rentals

Jordan Locke, RevPARTY

Moderated by Heather Richer, Richer Logic

Deeper Dive: Understanding the Booking Window and Translating Daily Rates into Weekly, Monthly Stays

Rate architecture is a critical part of revenue management strategy for short-term rentals. In this class, Heather Richer will provide a high-level view of the fundamentals of rate structure as a key component in strategy, and Turnkey’s Mike Bohmer and RevPARTY’s Jordan Locke will discuss how daily rates are adjusted for mid-term stays and how to work with rate codes with existing technology. This session will be followed up with demonstrations by technology providers on Day 3.

4:00 PM ET

1:00 PM PT

Omer Rabin,  Guesty

Tim Speicher,  Buoy

Ed Ulmer, Barefoot

Moderated by Dawn Yeskulsky

Homeowners: Contracts, Communications, Reporting

Existing contracts with homeowners have historically placed limits on a PM’s ability to implement dynamic pricing strategies. In this session, we will discuss how to communicate with homeowners about revenue management, making changes to existing homeowner contracts, and how to provide data-driven reporting for homeowners.

Thursday, September 17: Going from Strategy to Implementation

Time Presenters Description
10:00 AM ET

7:00 AM PT

Amber Carpenter, ProTravel Tech

Braeden Flaherty, Bluetent

Doug Truitt, Rentals United

Alessandro Pacilo, Booking.com

Pushing out Pricing to Channels: Airbnb, Booking.com, Google, and Channels

As the saying goes, “If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?” If you change your pricing and no one sees it, does it matter? In this session, travel tech expert Amber Carpenter talks to Bluetent, Booking.com, and Rentals United about how your pricing changes are pushed out to OTAs, how pricing is displayed, and what tools are available to optimize pricing throughout your channels.

11:00 AM ET

8:00 AM PT

Barefoot: Jeff Labombard, Claiborne Yarbrough, Joe Joyce, Kam Bain

Escapia: Jim Golightly

Guesty: Joseph Binestock

Streamline: Desiree Garcia, Maureen Shilling

TRACK: Patrick Power

Changing Pricing in Your Software (Breakout Session)
*Open Session

As a vacation rental manager—once you decide on your strategy—it’s time to execute. Before we look at pricing tools, let’s look at the pricing and rate-rule tools within your PMS. You’ll also learn from your software provider what integrations they have with data and pricing platforms and how they are looking at revenue management. In this session, property managers will attend their software’s session on pricing tools and integrations. And if you’re looking for new software, this is a good time to look at pricing functionality.

Free session, click on the software company to join!

12:00 PM ET

9:00 AM PT

Cindy Estis Green, Kalibri Labs

Cost of Acquisition

In the hotel industry, understanding CPA is a critical component of revenue management strategy. Cindy Estis Green, cofounder and CEO at Kalibri Labs, will discuss calculating the real cost of each reservation, including third-party channel commissions, credit card fees, and marketing costs related to direct bookings. While many of these are unavoidable, understanding the cost per acquisition (CPA) and market demand and tightening efforts to drive direct bookings are critical to getting the optimal, most profitable mix for your portfolio.

12:45 PM ET

9:45 AM PT

Ryan Saylor, BeyondPricing

Oliver Marczynski, PriceLabs

Cliff Johnson, Rented

Jordan Locke, RevPARTY

Judges: Katie Wheeler, Steve Milo, Betsy LaBarge

Pricing Tool Demoground

Back by popular demand, in a Phocuswright-battleground-style format, the vacation rental industry’s pricing tool providers will give us demonstrations of their platforms; and a panel of three PM “judges” will be on hand to question these providers.

2:30 PM ET

11:30 AM PT

Sarah Franzen, Natural Retreats

Cliff Johnson, Rented

Jordan Locke, RevPARTY

Moderated by Heather Richer, Richer Logic

In-house vs Outsource: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Evaluation

Hoteliers use both in-house and outsource revenue managers to create and implement pricing strategies. Join this panel as they discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing revenue management when to bring revenue management in-house, what to expect from revenue managers, and how to work with a service provider.

3:30 PM ET

12:30 PM PT

Paul Hanak, ICND

Peter Scott, Bluetent

Jack Newkirk, Navis

Moderated by Amber Carpenter, ProTravel Tech

Using Your Website and Call Center to Communicate Pricing Changes

Making pricing changes requires some strategy for your website and reservation agents. From strike-through pricing and promotions on your website to scripts for your call center, these experts will provide emerging best practices and ideas for communicating dynamic pricing and will give guidance on how to ensure the best pricing for the guests comes when booking direct.

4:30 PM ET

1:30 PM PT


Arthur Colker, StayFi

Jeremy Gall, Breezeway

Matt Loney, Xplorie

Suneel Goud, NEC Solutions

George Meshkov, CSA

Moderated by Andrew McConnell, Rented

Additional Sources of Revenue

Besides rental revenue and basic fees, what other sources of revenue are available to PMs? Moderated by Andrew McConnell, this session looks at potential sources of revenue for vacation rentals through services, activities, advertising, and partnerships.


*Open sessions will be available to all property managers, not just conference attendees.

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