One solution, no matter the property. Behome247’s unmatched, tested technology will seamlessly handle every aspect of operations, guest management, and communications. All from a single platform. BeHome247 is the industry leader in access control, smart home technology, and operational efficiency software. Founded in 2008 Behome247 is the only enterprise property management platform focused on smart home technology as well as day-to-day property operations.


One Solution. One Platform. Endless Possibilities.

The list never ends – documents, logins, calendars, emails, phone calls, and various platform logins when it comes to the day-to-day of running your business. Managing each of these takes away precious time that can be spent making a difference to your bottom line. But, no matter how hard you’ve tried, synchronizing all of your workflows seems impossible… what if we told you, it’s not!

Say goodbye to multiple point solutions. BeHome247 offers you one solution, no matter the home. Vacation rentals, hotel management, residential leasing, and multi-family home management is made simple with our iPass technology. From operations and communications to guest and client management all from a single application. Your vital information resides in one place and remains up-to-the-minute accurate.


  1. BeFree (Vacation Rentals | Hotels | Timeshare)

BeFree, our Hospitality solution, removes the multi-points you are used to and replaces it with a single application. From real-time scheduling of staff to digital guest contracts and more, our one solution approach gives your business the freedom to work streamlined. Be Free allows you to focus more on guests and owners while automating many menial tasks.

  1. BeReal (Real Estate | Residential Leasing)

Buying and selling homes is an ever-changing business, to include a critical shift in virtual needs when considering a home purchase. With BeReal, real estate agents can grant access to potential buyers to tour a property without the agent present. Let’s Be Real, an agent’s day is filled do the brim with opportunities, so let BeReal help them prioritize and take some of the work off the plate while still closing the deal.

  1. BeSecure (Multi-Family)

Property investment is a tried and true concept of success, but the potential lack of technology in managing those properties can make it feel like you’re working harder for your dollars. BeSecure is a one solution platform to maintain your homes to your liking. From temperature control to camera systems and everything in between, this single solution allows you to automate the control of your investments, and Be Secure that it’s supported.

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