Doug Truitt

Doug Truitt

Doug brings 20 years of leadership experience in the hospitality field to the table, predominantly in the hotel sphere. During that time, he’s managed nearly every department, giving him an in-depth understanding of what success looks like to both guests and employees. New to Rentals United, Doug is the Head of Revenue Success, assisting clients to optimize their revenue and distribution performance. Prior to joining Rentals United, Doug worked for Stay Alfred as the Senior Director of Distribution and for hotel brands such as Red Lion, Pebble Beach Resorts, DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, Disneyland, and many more. Always one to look for opportunities to improve the guest experience, Doug is passionate about understanding the technology that connects guests and hosts to each other to optimize revenue/distribution performance.

Rentals United

By Doug Truitt

Rentals United is the market-leading enterprise channel management solution in the short-term rental industry. By providing efficient and reliable tools, data and expertise, short-term rental managers can optimize their business model and power growth. Through the Rentals United network consisting of all the big OTAs as well as top-performing niche sites, higher quality connections will…